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Residential Pest Control

In order to provide our customers with the best quality pest control, we always provide a full home inspection and evaluation. Whether you live in an apartment, townhouse, free standing home, or an estate with multiple buildings, you can expect us to go over your property from top to bottom. Based on the inspection, we will give you a full assessment of your home and what we recommend. Together we will build a treatment plan that addresses your needs and fits your budget. We will keep you advised on any changes or issues we come across as time goes by and adapt our service to reflect those changes.

Having a professional look at the evidence & determine what caused it, can help save you thousands in repairs or unneeded treatments.
Power post beetles & old house boring beetles are the two most common types of re-infesting beetles & can cause crippling damage to the wooden members of your building.

Cockroach Control

  Many People Suffer Cockroach Phobia, & it can be debilitating!

  In this area, invader cockroaches are usually the Smoky Brown Roach &   

  the American Roach. They are generally harmless; while they might get in,    they typically only live a few days before dying. They're not typically going

  to get into the kitchen & food. They prefer a moist basement, clogged

  gutters, or other damp conditions. But they don't belong inside. They need

  to be treated outside where they live & breed.

Carpenter Ant Control

  Proper Carpenter Ant identification is key to preventing damage.

  •   Worker ants in a carpenter ant colony can be varied sizes. They are usually no more than ½

         an inch. Swarmers can be a full inch in length.

  •   These are winged carpenter ants that are produced by a mature nest. Workers are black,   

         dark red, yellowish, or a mixture of the two.

  •   Their coloration varies & is dependent on which species. So, properly identifying them

         takes the eye of a trained professional.

  With Vaughan's you can rest assured that the Carpenter Ant will be properly identified & the nest

  (or nests) along with the Queen, permanently eliminated.


I offer GENERAL Pest control - taking of regular household Pest like ants, spiders, crickets, mice, centipedes,  millipedes,  silverfish and so on. We provide QUARTERLY,  BI-MONTHLY,  AND MONTHLY services 


I offer German roach treatments (the regular household roaches you find throughout the home that scatter when you turn the lights on). I'll treat the home then come back at least 2 more times over a 30 day period until job is completed. 


I offer speciality jobs such as bedbugs and  stinging insect treatment , wasp, hornet's, yellowjackets, carpenter bees and more. Free inspections as well.

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